Bliss Productions

The role of the “producer” in music recording has evolved over the years. Some producers don’t play an instrument at all and oversee the entire creative process which would include…..

  • establishing the end goal of the completed project for an artist release, for sync licensing, for a demo recording of a song for pitching to publishers and artists., or for non-music projects such as audiobooks / podcasts.
  • reviewing the songs in pre-production with the artist
  • enlisting the services of music arrangers, musicians and performers
  • choosing a recording studio
  • assembling the right technical team of engineers - recording and mastering
  • oversee the recording of the artist to ensure the best possible performances are captured.
  • acting as a liaison with the record company and/or financial backers to deliver the product.
  • adhering to a budget as set by the artist / record company

Today…. the producer might play everything, record in their own studio, guide the artists performance, mix and master the songs. No matter how many people are involved in the production of a song .. what matters is the end result… a recording that delivers the artist and the song.

Peter’s role as a producer combines years of songwriting skills, musicianship, technical recording skills, song arrangement and vocal production with the ability to deliver high quality mixes as a final product. Peter is the go-to vocal arranger, mix engineer and consultant to others who need help with their own projects.

Today’s world of streaming and music distribution along with the payment pathways is constantly evolving. The proper release of music today means taking care that copyrights are secured, agreements with all involved in the ownership and performance of recordings are settled, the PRO’s (ASCAP, BMI , SESAC) and Sound Exchange registrations are prepared, and the best aggregator (ie. CD Baby, TuneCore, Distrokid, and others) is chosen. Peter’s production services include addressing all of these issues along with recommendations to his network of industry specialists including legal, public relations, and more.

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