Client Comments

2/18/12   "Although I am heavily immersed in the music industry, I do not throw compliments around like my peers. With that said, I feel very blessed to have crossed paths with Peter Bliss and can attest to his abundant knowledge in all matters pertinent to the biz. Peter holds an exceptional understanding of a wide spectrum of things- be it legal or artistic direction, and to top it off, he’s attentive, personable, and has many anecdotes to share and learn from. I came to Peter Bliss as a driven but disheveled artist, writer, and producer confused about how I should proceed with my three totally different albums/projects (acoustic, experimental, and hippidy hop) and bombarded him with questions from all angles. The consultation was brief, but at the end, with Peter’s guidance, I had acquired a better grasp on how to market myself (in regards to web presence, PR, etc.), received input from his experienced ear on my tracks, and was provided info on coming to terms with co-writers/co-producers/mixers. And, unlike others I know, the nurturing and friendly demeanor did not end once I stepped out of his office. Peter still continues to amaze me by showing support in my work and responding to my legal inquiries. In short, Peter Bliss is the real deal, and one would be remiss to seek consultation elsewhere!!" Sonia Choi

6/3/11    "It was great news to hear that Peter Bliss would be sharing his in-depth music industry knowledge in one-to-one consultations. My session with Peter was filled with valuable tips, insights and ideas that both educated and inspired me. And Peter's warm, gracious manner made the session that much more enjoyable. I highly recommend Peter's consulting service to anyone seeking a greater understanding of the opportunities available in today's music industry."    Brad F. / Songwriter

We have only just begun - many more to come!