Music Composition + Production + Direction 

"Peter's songs and music sound like the hits of today and yesterday... not your standard corp song fare!"

Peter Bliss makes music!  His songs and records have sold in the millions around the world by popular artists like NYSNC, Barbra Streisand and many more.  Working from his state of the art recording studio in midtown Manhattan, Peter produces music for artists, commercial and corporate clients while also holding songwriter workshops and events as founder of the New York Songwriters Collective.

Peter has an extensive background in the industrial field, writing & producing original songs, scoring videos, auto-tuning the voices of company execs to an original music track, creating DJ mash ups of today’s most popular hits as well as remixing classic songs with custom lyrics. He’s teamed extensively with production companies and agencies and may have already had the pleasure of working with some of you.

The video tour above of his corporate work features a long list of production companies and clients  with a major focus on Pharma. Visit the other site pages for clips of his songs with Streisand, Peter Wolf of the J Geils Band and Bobby McFerrin, along with the recording studio in action!

var3=Peter Bliss %26 Peter's Planet Corp. are proud members of the New York City creative community.
Lyrics -  music -  productions - underscores have been featured in pitches %26 shows for major producers like CONCENTRIC COMMUNICATIONS,  JACK MORTON %26 MJM.  Recent work includes shows for Ortho McNeil, Allergan, Celgene, Merck, Schering-Plough, Lilly and Johnson %26 Johnson. I've provided the music creative for major launch meetings for CELEBREX, TOPAMAX, SEASONALE %26 VYTORIN.
Whether it be a wholly original song composed for a specific purpose or client, a special arrangement of an existing song or an underscore - I am known for being able to compose, produce and deliver quickly and within budget! You can also think of my music and song catalog as your own personal resource library of music and themes that can be adapted to your needs.
Writing songs -  music and lyrics - has always been the great passion of my life.  I have been very fortunate to have popular artists as varied as N'SYNC and Barbra Streisand record my songs. I bring that craft of pop songwriting to the world of corporate music.  I enjoy working closely with creative directors, producers %26 writers from the very beginnings of a pitch all the way to a show's closing session. It can be a daunting, incredible challenge at times - but also very satisfying being part of a team watching that curtain rise!
If your show needs a live band and/or vocalists,  I can provide the best talent for you. I will serve as musical director onsite when requested and have conducted many "company choirs" as well as coordinating church choirs at the venue site.  I have close relationships and have worked with many of the video production and animation houses known for their industrial work.   
<B>I understand the importance of what you do in this very competitive industry.</b>
Peter's Planet Corp. is here to meet and usually beat seemingly impossible deadlines for you - and with you. I welcome your questions and will gladly provide references.   If your show needs a live band and/or vocalists, Peter can provide the talent. He serves as musical director onsite when requested and has conducted many "company choirs" as well as coordinating church choirs at the venue site.  

Peter understands the importance of what you do in this very competitive industry. He will meet seemingly impossible deadlines with you! 

There is something to be said for all of us going back to our usual vendors and providers.  The other side of this is keeping things fresh, vibrant and exciting by working and partnering with new creatives.  Ready to make some music that’s on target to win pitches and delight your clients??

Give Peter a call and make sure to ask about new client incentives and discounts!

Peter Bliss / Planet Corp.
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